How to Become a Green Ribbon School

What is the Green Ribbon School Program?

The 4 Cornerstones of a Green Ribbon School

Environmentally-friendly Campus (Eco-Campus):
Conserving natural resources and creating green spaces for a healthy, energy-wise school.

Nature Adventure:
Encouraging outdoor recreation, skills and play during and after school.

Health, Fitness and Nutrition:
Providing wholesome nutrition, fitness opportunities and life-long healthy habits.

Natural Classrooms:
Integrating nature and natural systems to facilitate learning across the curricula.

Under each Cornerstone you will find a number of what we call Categories. These are areas within eachCornerstone in which you can start and then publish activities. See the list of these below:

Eco Campus: Energy, Water, Recycle, Green Spaces, Pollution and Transportation
Nature Adventure: Outdoor Skills, Exploration & Play, Nature Spaces
Health and Fitness: Health Education, Nutrition & Healthy Eating, Healthy Lifestyles, Fitness & Physical Education
Natural Classrooms: Stewardship, Leadership and Professional Development, Nature Curricula, Field Investigation

Texas Parks & Wildlife
Texas Education Agency
Blue Cross Blue Shield
TASC Student Council
Texas Dept. of Agriculture
Texas Children in Nature
Texas Computer Education Association